Sunday, September 20, 2009

Medina County Fair Jackpot Quilt Block Contest

Judge it for yourselves, comments welcome, however be nice... it's been a long day.

Yes, my pretty block with curves came in last at the Medina County Quilt Show. This was a money prize and I was sure I was going to win after seeing that none of the competition had even attempted curves. The judges remarks state that my block has poor stitching, poor tension, poor thread color choice, poor seam allowance, poor handling of bulk, poor junctions, poor points, poor curves, poor grain and use of fabric... in addition the judge claims that my work has major errors and is distorted. When I picked up the block this afternoon I asked if the Medina County Fair used a certified quilt judge. "Of course not" said the smug lady from the Medina County Quilt Guild "that would cost too much".


  1. I really like your block. Looks delightful!


  2. sheez... I guess the judge was just some poor old crotchety woman... I like the square, but the colors aren't necessarily me... I wouldn't even consider trying curves for a long time, so I appreciate seeing those who do. I think it looks really good.

  3. Looks to me like you did a great job... can't believe the comments of the judge...

  4. Wow, sounds like a very unpleasant experience. I think you did a great job. Maybe the "judge" could never curved seams down and is jealous :-)

  5. Thats just disgraceful ... I am a certified quilt judge and it is just bad form to comment like that. In the UK we advocate that judges should try and suggest how the 'faults' (and I use that word cautiously) be avoided by giving workable solutions such as " you may be able to reduce the bulk at the intersections by pressing the seams open" or " a good solution to prevent bias edges stretching is to pre-starch your fabric before cutting" etc..

    I am sorry you received such negative comments. I hope it wont put you off entering another show.

    Thanks for following my twitters btw and I am glad your friend saved your sons clothes. That quilt will be very very precious to you.